How does our School Kapahaka group serve others?

  • performing to us (Te Awamutu Primary School children)
  • demonstrate songs for the Junior Kapahaka group to learn
  • Whaea Rangi has served us by being our Kapahaka leader
  • Anahera and Herewini serve us by being top leaders (Congratulations Anahera for being the top female performer in all of the Te Awamutu Schools!!!)
  • perform for other schools

Our Kapahaka group is one to be very proud of.  They serve others by using their fantastic talents. We are proud of them!

Our Inquiry Process for Term 4

Our inquiry topic this term is

How can we serve others?

As our hook in, we went with Room 7 to the Firestation.  There we learnt about how the volunteer firefighters serve others and its not JUST about putting out fires.  The firefighters do much more than that.  For example on Saturday, Danny the fireman is going to be at The Warehouse selling raffle tickets.  He said that if we go down to see him, we might be able to have a seat in the firetruck! He doesn’t get paid to do those kind of things either.  He does it all for free!

For the knowledge bomb part of our inquiry we wanted to use all of the things we have learnt in our inquiries all year. So that would mean we would link in working as a team, caring for our environment, making money and serving others.  We were able to brainstorm lots of things that we could do to serve others! Come in and check out our HUGE mindmaps! But keeping with all we had learnt we decided we could wash teachers cars, they would pay us (and we would also do a cake stand to make extra money!) and then we could use the money to help others.

We came up with some ideas about who we could help with the money that we make. But then we went away to decide for a while. We came up with this by using the red and the white hat…

The Room 6 children have decided to give the money that we raise in our car wash and our cake stand with Room 7 to Harold and the Life Education Foundation.  Earlier in the term Harold’s truck was burnt and we got to look after his replacement on while Nicky got it organised to go back to the Intermediate. We think Harold and Nicky deserve this special surprise!!

AND Nicky helped serve our school by being a dancer in our teachers’ inquiry,

Dancing with the Te Awamutu Stars

AND  she won it! We are proud of Nicky and we know Harold is too!

Shrek the Ogre by Tyrah Rowland

Shrek is an ogre. He has big eyes like the the sun. Shrek has a very big stomach. Shrek has a brown buckle like the dirt. Shrek has muscles like an elephant. He has a fat nose. Shrek has pointy ears like the points of the moon. He has soft shoes like slippers. He has big hands. Shrek has a big mouth. He has got big nails. Sometimes Shrek is happy and sometimes he’s not happy. Sometimes he growls at donkey and sometimes he doesn’t. Shrek has a black vest like the darkness in the sky. Shrek loved Fiona so much so he married her. After he got married, they had little babies. They had 3 babies. THE END.

Welcome back to Term 4!

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to Term 4!

We have a very exciting term ahead of us!

Week 2 we have our school gala where we will get to sell all of the things we made in Term 3. I wonder how much money we will make?

Our inquiry after that will be How can we Serve Others? Can you start thinking of any people that serve others and how they do so?

Throughout the term we will be looking at writing character descriptions and we are going to learn how to do these by reading some Fairy Tales that we already might know.

In maths we will also be looking at patterns, number and time.

An action packed term ahead!

My Weekend by Kelly Cho

On Sunday I went swimming with my brother at the pools. I saw my friend Hallie in the swimming test.  Then I went to the dairy to buy an ice block then I went home. When it was 4.00 I went to church. It was a busy day.